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Monday, 22 February 2016

Bags ode

Bags that are made out of plastic
Well are they not really fantastic

Assorted sizes and designs to
No limit on what they can hold for you

Small ones for jewels and precious little things
But not big enough to line our bins

medium ones for food to be taken home
Even when empty we don't leave them alone

We use again for one thing or another
Very handy for pots as a cover

Larger bags are green or black
Of these there is never a lack

We use them for our rubbish waste
Then throw them away with haste

Green ones are kept for garden stuff
They are treated really rough

grass, dead plants and seeds
Wood and any other needs

Special bags from departmental stores
These are the ones we seem to adore

Designer labelled each and every one
Now these are much more fun

Harrods is a good one to keep
Looked upon as quite sheik

So we store the ones with designer name
And then we can join in the game

Showing just where we seem to shop
Never throw away just kept in our stock

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