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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Corset lady poem

There was a woman from Dorset
Who walked around in her corset
She seemed to have no shame at all
Walks real proud and stands tall

Her knickers on she has as well
I suppose she thinks what the hell
She walks down the street in this gear
Nothing else does she ever wear

I am surprised she is left to do so
Prison is where I thought she would go
But nobody seems to really care
She shows herself off everywhere

Never seen her go into a shop
Well I think her they would stop
Security would say no way
Are you coming in here today

Police never seem to pay any attention
That little fact I thought I should mention
Pretty corset and pretty knickers
Also on her feet a pair of Kickers

She really is quite funny you know
So keep an eye out wherever you go
Maybe she will turn up your way
Don't worry as she won't stay

One wonders what's on her mind
So if you see her please be kind
She means no harm to anyone
Just look upon it as a bit of fun

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