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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Memories Poem

He has now gone
But I shall carry on
Alone in my sadness
For me to address

Oh how he will be missed
How sad our last kiss
lying there looking blank
Like death to be frank

It took him away
I so miss him today
I feel he is looking down
At me here on the ground

He will wait for me
For not long I shall be
That's how I feel inside
On my own coaster ride

So I wait for the day
That I will be taken away
To be reunited with my love
In the heavens up above

In the time I have alone
I will ache with every bone
The touch of his smile on me
I loved him so you see

Memories in my mind
He was so very kind
I feel safe with him watching above
My dearest dear my one true love

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