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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Games poem

I used to play games all the time
Well that was when I was in my prime
Netball was one game I loved to play
Used to throw the ball at the net all day

Hockey was another thing I tried to master
Did not get on with it, always ended up in plaster
Then came along the great table tennis
I actually became a bit of a menace

That's the game I enjoyed most of all
I just loved trying to hit that old ball
Even though I say it myself out loud
I used to in my time draw quite a crowd

My mates could never beat me no matter what
For all my efforts in the end a trophy I got
Well I got a few as a matter of fact
Now its hard to imagine all that

At my age I have slowed right down
Mind you I am still a bit of a clown
Cards are more my pace these days
Suits me in so much in many ways

Nothing I like more than a hand of poker
This is one game I can act like a joker
Boards games also with grand kids I play
Mind you they have not the interest today

They all try to get me to play on line
I don't know what I am doing half the time
So when they come to me and stay
They have to settle down and play my way

I now have what's called a wee
This is real great fun for me
I can play table tennis again with no table
Funny enough I have become quite able

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