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Friday, 6 November 2015

Jigsaw poem

Jig saws come in assorted sizes
When finished you win no prizes
Children start from very small
Hardly worth doing at all

But when very young
That's where I begun
Then you jump up to bigger ones
500 pieces and that is tons

1000 was my next attempt
Now for me they are exempt
2000 is what I really love the best
They take longer than all the rest

Problem is they take up a lot of space
So to finish you have to up the pace
Great to do in the winter time
I use a big table for mine

So I have to eat from a tray on my lap
As on my table there is not one gap
Once its done oh! It feels so very good
It makes you feel in such a great mood

Pictures well there are so many
Scenery I hate so I don't do any
I love the busy ones with lots of faces
They are great and all over the places

Charity shops is where I buy mine
I'm in and out them all the time
Trouble is I keep them all and that's bad
In my loft there now is no room to be had

Ah! guess what? Someone has just given to me
All wrapped up and in an oval box, now lets see
Can I figure this out
Yes a jigsaw puzzle I shout

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