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Monday, 12 October 2015

Smoke ode



Dear oh dear this rain is a drag
When we are outside having a fag
Cigarette gets as wet as hell
We get so cross you can tell

Soaked right through just for a puff
We can't get enough of the stuff
Tobacco that is keeps us going
Just the tip end we are throwing

We roll our own every single day
But if our family had their own way
They would stop us as it's no good they plead
Its only a bad habit that you all feed

We just carry on with our pleasure
The enjoyment you just cant measure
I watch folk smoking in there car
Must say we don't go that far

Lots of them have such long smokes
These are the ones that are no joke
Most that size are called spliffs by name
We never get sucked into that game

Normal tobacco does all my lot
So we know our senses we have got
One day we might decide to cease
For the family to give us a bit of peace

Oh how we love to drag away together
Chatting outside in all weather
So leave us be until we find
To stop our selves we are inclined

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