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Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Goth wedding over it was great fun
I think I can talk on behalf of everyone
Quite a variety of dress code to see
Including a Gypsy and that was me

Great fun and laughs were had by all
It was just like a fancy dress ball
It was good weather thank god
Otherwise it would have been a sod

All over now it was one hell of a show
Now off to their honeymoon they go
A motor bike rally would you believe
So through the traffic they will weave

Wedding vale on her helmet, fantastic
To some that might seem a bit drastic
But all adds to the fun of the day
We all have our own little way

No reception till Sunday afternoon
For me that cant come to soon
BBQ if the weather holds out
A good time will be had no doubt

Nothing left for me to say
Except it was a fantastic day

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