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Monday, 21 September 2015

Goth cake poem

Cakes now we are spoilt for choice
So we can all sit back and rejoice
No need for cake shops now for sure
Supermarkets or on line and more

Whatever the occasion its on the shelf
You just walk in and help yourself
The only cake that you cannot get
Well not that I have seen as yet

That's a wedding cake of any kind
I know one of these you will not find
Have to order from a special shop
Mind you of them there is not a lot

Unless you have a good cook friend
Then the sky's the limit there is no end
My stepdaughter had just got spliced
Her wedding cake black was iced

I kid you not and it looked great
It was made by her work mate
The cake inside was black and blue
I swear to god this fact is true

See for yourself on my photograph
Take note it will make you laugh
Why black I hear you ask out loud
It comes under Goth and they were proud

The cake tasted as good as it looked
So I am sure the cook will get more booked
So nothing is ever impossible you see

A cake can be made to what you want it to be

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