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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My hats poem

Berets now they are from France
I wear one when I get a chance
I have one and it is black
Nice on the head it sits flat

Straw and fancy is my other one
I wear it to keep off the sun
Then I have a smart thing
It has on it a little bling

Worn for weddings and such like
But on me it never looks right
A woolly hat lined with stuff
Looks a little bit like fluff

This is nice and cosy
Almost covers my nosey
I own a scarf with hat attached
I also have the gloves to match

My thermal hat I wear in winter
Like wearing a built in heater
Hats used to be worn a lot more
Not so in fashion now that's for sure

Jackets come now with a hood
This idea is just so good
All my coats have them in place
I pull them up over my face

But I don't forget the hats I own
So used to them I have grown
I wear some under my coat you see
If you saw me out you wouldn't talk to me

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