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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Good old English breakfast

English breakfast yummy yummy
I love it going in my tummy
Sausage, bacon, egg and lots more
English breakfast I just adore

Continental I think not for me
I love my English to much you see
Black pudding sometimes as well
This also I love it's swell

Mop up your egg yolk
Are you listening you folk
With butter on a slice of bread
This will make you light in the head

With such a magical taste
None of it ever goes to waste
Bacon crispy and well done
This is not for everyone

I always eat to much I know
But my English breakfast I love so
Sometime I eat it with toast
I enjoy this I think the most

I like it nearly burnt quite black
Sounds weird I do know that
But everyone has their own love
For what I am talking about above

So enjoy you folk who are like me
Wash it all down with a mug of tea

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