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Monday, 9 February 2015


My friend says she has spirits in her flat
I said to her “I don't believe that”
No Please trust me I really do
What I am telling you is true

They come and go and move about
I speak to them, well actually I shout
They move all my things around
Some of the stuff I still haven’t found

Worst thing is during the night
I hate it they give me a fright
I said okay come and stay with me
She said no I wont do that you see

She asked me to stay with her for a night
Then I thought I don't think so it's not right
You don't seem to believe a word I say
That's what she said to me today

Now I can't really tell her that's true
I would not feel right I don't know about you
So okay I agreed and went with her to stay
I saw nothing they seemed to have stayed away

So when I came home and was alone
I got in touch, gave a call on her phone
Maybe you have imagined it I say
Phone went down straight away

Now she wont talk to me at all
But I keep on trying her to call
Oh I wished I had humoured her
It seems like I just don't care

But I just don't what to say, I am lost
I am sad as a friendship it has cost
Today we actually spoke it was great
In the end she still seems to be my mate

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