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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Pot holes

I was driving without a care
Not particularly going anywhere
When I got quite a big shock
Thought my car had hit a rock

No it was a hole in the tarmac
It was quite unexpected that
As I continued on my merry way
My car swerved weird I have to say

I stopped to see what was the matter
My tyre was getting flatter and flatter
Oh no I thought now what the hell to do
I called my breakdown well wouldn't you

After waiting for what seemed hours
Then to top it off down came the showers
Man turned up and put on my spare
He said you have quite a large hole there

He got soaked through poor chap
But he never did get into any flap
Wished me well as he left me alone
Regards his service I had no moan

One thing that I have done for sure
Sent a letter to the council to implore
To get their roads sorted out soon
In fact I posted it this afternoon

Far to many holes around the place
High compensation bills they will face
Don't suppose it will get me anywhere

My point of view my friends also share

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