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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

My old ladder

Mine are wooden and old
Years ago to me they were sold
One rung missing at the top
But it's all that I have got

One day I know they will just die
Then what do I do my oh my
I think my ladders have wood rot
Yes I am sure that's what they have got

Crumbling more each day
I should throw them away
Also they are so heavy to lift
No one would want these as a gift

Ladders today are so easy to get
They don't rot even if left in the wet
Not like my old wooden ones
With rot set in it's rungs

A ladder for this and a ladder for that
You can even fold them down flat
So you can store them away
Ready for use any day

Even the loft has a special pair
Just so you can climb up there
Some even go round corners at an angle
So you can climb on them and dangle

To reach those awkward spots
My house has really got lots
I think I better go and get some
To choose from there are tons

Who thought a ladder would prove to be
Such a necessity, not me
But every house must have one
So they can get all there jobs done

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