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Monday, 19 January 2015

Cup of tea ode

What would we do without our tea
Especially if you are like me
First thing you do when you awake
Is reach for your cup and tea you make

Mine has to be very very strong
Serve me that and you wont go wrong
Many more cups during the day
I wouldn't have it any other way

Its what I drink when I go to bed
This habit I know I will never shed
Not when I get such pleasure
Out of every single measure

Taste better from a cup
The very best way to sup
Tea in mugs served to me
This for sure will never be

Love real leaves better flavour
This way tea I can savour
But tea bags are what we say
That they are here to stay

Some love it weak that's fine
Can't all like it like mine
Lots like their tea with cream
They say it tastes like a dream

Lots of teas from all over the place
But I find them hard to face
Hate the ones that have a flavour of fruit
Some of my friends say its cute

Not for me that's for sure
I'm off out the door
Give me good old English tea
There is nothing comes near for me

Now I am getting thirsty so guess what
Yes I'm off to make myself a pot

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