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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

This poem is dedicated to my mother who has this problem in a form of dementia

Out of the darkness came a shape
I thought me, he was about to rape
Oh how the mind can play tricks
When into our brain these thoughts flick

It seems to keep happening to me
Please just leave me alone I plea
But no one is listening to my cry
No stopping it no matter how I try

I dread going to bed each night
Only as I know I will get another fright
What to do about this in my brain
I feel that I am going insane

Each night I hear the spirits there
I am to frightened to look or stare
No one can I tell about my predicament
They would only find it indecent

What have I done to deserve such pain
I think it all over again and again
Mental problem has come my way
Trouble is I know it is to stay

I have to live like this now and forever
Sleeping well at night now never
Someone always creeps into my state of mind
They are so cruel and never kind

I pray for peace each night to above
Wonder why my life now has no love
Lost forever I know that now for sure
Never to be the same any more

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