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Friday, 26 December 2014

My jewel boxes ode

Jewel box now there's a thing
It holds all your bling
Me I am greedy I have two
Hey out there what about you

One holds my good gear like gold
The other is for the stuff that is old
Like my beads and bangles and stuff
That's a bit worn out and rough

All sorts of coloured beady gear
Loads of bright rings for my ear
My gold box is not to full now
Seems to have dwindled somehow

Many styles to choose from around
Gets confusing I have found
Saw one shaped like a heart
It looked cool and real sharp

Most folk out there have a box
Some are lockable like fort Knox
My friend has one shaped like a large boot
I wonder if there is where she keeps her loot

When travelling I have a small case
It goes with me all over the place
Never seen without my Jewels on
Without them it would seem wrong

My jewel boxes are my pride and joy

Rather like a kid with a favourite toy

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