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Wednesday, 31 December 2014



I just had a call saying help me
Water all over the place is all I can see
This poor old lady is confused
Her toilet she says she can't use

Water is coming over the top
She is franticly cleaning with a mop
Whatever have you done I ask
This turned out a bit of a task

I have done nothing she tells me
If nothing then how can this be
I have just flushed it some more
I tell her to stop mopping the floor

Leave it all alone my dear
Then in no time it will clear
Then she tells me she has lost her purse
Now inside I am starting to curse

Its down the toilet she said
Now I am knocking my head
Against the wall in desperation
Just send the plumber an invitation

This I said and it was meant as a joke
She thought at her I was having a poke
No the only poking to be done
Is down your toilet to get it unbung

She rang back later to say plumber had been
Also said her place is now nice and clean
Glad to hear that fact to her I say
Hope tomorrow for you is a good day

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