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Thursday, 20 November 2014

TV ode

What would we do without our TV
I now can't think how that would be
My age grew up with the radio
That's how we listened to any show

My it does seem a long time ago
Now my years I do show
Listen with mother and Billy Cotton
Oh my goodness we were spoilt rotten

The Archers there's another one
We actually thought we were having fun
Drama at night we used to listen to
There was a mixture of quite a few

Then I remember our first TV
I was very young it frightened me
It was so small roughly about eight inch
Just make out the picture with a pinch

Once I got used to looking at it
If it was turned off I had a fit
Such a way of life it became
Things were never the same

Then progress gave us more
Where to next I am not sure
All I know it now gives pleasure
And to this there is no measure

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