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Thursday, 16 October 2014

My nails


Us ladies now have no excuse at all
To let our nails in a bad condition fall
Years ago there was not much out there
Now loads of choices for us to compare

Manicure that's simple and plain
Do it yourself again and again
Just a nice coat of polish to finish the job
That way its cheap and you won't be robbed

Now if to a nail parlour you go
Cost quite a lot as you may know
Having said that they are great
My nails have become my best mate

Every time I have something new
I never ever find myself feeling blue
Sometimes I have them really long
The nails don't break they are strong

Many colours on one nail is fine
I am very proud of these nails of mine
Tiger stripes and polka dots
I really have had the whole lot

Sculptured nails are also cool
I don't have these as a rule
French manicure is another style
These I have once in a while

The trouble is you don't stop there
Even with the cost you just don't care
Then you turn to your toes
Yes nails on there also grows

Looks so really groovy and cool you know
You make them show wherever you go
Can be really cold outside
But your nails you will not hide

Even if your toes are cold and turn blue
Your open toed shoes stay on you
I now have different colours on every one
This is oh! so very much more fun

So whatever colour clothes I wear
I have a nail that will compare
Trouble is I work just to pay the bill
I suppose that should make me ill

But no I just do not care at all you see
Because that's just how I am that's me

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