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Thursday, 9 October 2014

My love of wine


Oh how I love a glass or two
Especially if I am feeling blue
A glass of wine to me is a pleasure
To be enjoyed at my leisure

I prefer red to white but it is a matter of taste
Whatever the occasion not to be drunk in haste
Red with meat and white with fish
A wine for every dish

Sorry but it is a matter of taste to the palate
I prefer red wine with my mullet
In fact I don't like white at all anyway
No matter what all the experts say

Red wine is what I drink no matter what the meal
Anyway what is the fuss it really is no big deal
So long as you enjoy the wine
To me that is just fine

I probably go against the grain in my taste
But I can assure none of my wine goes to waste
I enjoy each mouthful that's for sure
Red wine I just simple adore

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