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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Our shed poem

We have decided to buy a new shed
So we sat down and about them read
Ours is so small and falling apart
Now where the hell do we start

DIY not our thing we are just no good
Get a builder in we know we should
But alas that cost to much money
We are on bread line so not funny

We want our freezer to go outside
In the shed we thought it could hide
Its large and to big for the house
The old shed wont accommodate a mouse

So we have tipped the old one today
picked up a new one on the way
Laying the cement now on the ground
To place this new shed around

Trouble is it's looking uneven for sure
Shed will be sitting on a wonky floor
Still we are not perfect and we will cope
Just means our freezer will be on a slope

Suit our character I think we will find
What people say we really wont mind
Now we will have more room in doors
Where we also have wonky floors

We laid the flooring all by ourself
Also we have put up a very large shelf
We are coping the only way we know how
I think we should award ourselves a big bow

Nothing we do will ever be perfect
We don't worry about getting it correct
If we did we would just go crazy
But we can never ever be called lazy

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