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Monday, 18 August 2014

This ode is a bit outdated as Tablets all the rage now...........But I am always behind the times....lol


I have a lap top so now I am able
Not restricted to surf on my table
I can use it on my knees
It is just a breeze

To sit where ever you want to be
I even surf while watching TV
Computers where all the rage
A while ago at one stage

Now the lap top is top of the bill
I got mine for Xmas what a thrill
Now I can be like the rest of folk
Sorry I am not having a poke

But it seems everywhere I go
Someone has one on show
When I am travelling on a train
I see this over and over again

All heads down and fingers walking
Your digits doing all the talking
They seem to be getting quite small
But we can still do it all

Well now you can surf on your phone
Not for me so I will stand alone
My lap top has a nice large screen
I miss nothing it can all be seen

My friend has a very small one
To me that would be no fun
For me that would be a struggle
It would give my eyes a lot of trouble

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