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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Sleepy ode

Us oldies sit and watch TV
Then we fall asleep you see
We nod off that is a true fact
Stay awake we cant seem to do that

No matter how good the show
We always do the same you know
We try so very hard to fight
Not to end up in the same plight

Half way through a good play
Well about this what do I say
No matter who's place we are in
We do the same its a real sin

Grow old and know what's to come
I am sure its the same for everyone
Looking at my granny I think what a bore
But now I don't think like that any more

As I now have joined this clan
I sure as hell did not have this plan
Thought I would be on my bike
Or even start going on a hike

But I don’t worry my little brain
Why give myself extra strain
Everything else working okay
So I am lucky I would say

Just relaxed and that's the way to be
Even if you nod off watching tv

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