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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Noise in the night ode


We heard a noise in our loft one night
So up we jumped to sort out the plight
Up the ladder together to see what it might be
We searched for ages and nothing could we see

This is really daft we both said
So we took ourselves back to bed
Then again the sound up there like feet
Across the loft floor but nothing did we meet

What to do was the thing it is so annoying
Whatever it was with us it was toying
So in the morning we decided to set a trap
Chocolate we thought would sort out that

Once in bed that very night once again
Patter of feet it sounded like a load of men
Ha ha we thought the chocolate will catch them
But whatever it was eluded us once again

Next morning we check the trap and chocolate had gone
Now what the devil can we doing so wrong
Now we have placed on the trap some cheese
This should be now what I would call a breeze

So once in bed tonight I know I wont sleep
Owing to the fact one ear open I will keep
Larger trap is also in place right now
We will catch whatever it is somehow

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