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Saturday, 12 July 2014

My stay in Spain ode

I booked a room at the hotel
My god how it did smell
Whatever can it be
I looked round to see

No way could I work it out
Smelt like Brussel sprouts
So down I went to see someone
To see if to my room they would come

I must point out I am in Spain
Don't think I will come again
After what seemed a long time
They came to this room of mine

Said it was coming from the building site
Next door, I see, oh right!
I can't stay in here I said
Its making me sick in the head

I was moved to another room in the end
This was driving me round the bend
The room was so small and bare
And the bath and toilet I had to share

No I say this is to small for me
I can't share the toilet and bath you see
They were now fed up with it all
Took me out into the hall

No more rooms at this place
Sorry no more space
Holiday guide now stepped in
Oh dear you are in a spin

I will change the hotel for you
This is the least I can do
So I was put up in another one
This place was much more fun

So in the end all was fine
And I enjoyed that stay of mine

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