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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Charity shop ode

Every town has its share
There's plenty out there
Spoilt for choice so we all are
And you don't have to travel far

In one street you can find them all
Some outside even place a stall
Now we have credit crunch
I have to go round the bunch

Well that's not strictly true you see
Before the crunch that was the same old me
I spend the day looking round each one
I enjoy myself have so much fun

Bargains I have lots to show
From all the shops that I go
If you rummage well around
So many bargains to be found

Sometimes I sell my buys on
In no time they have gone
If I only pay twenty pee
That's a bargain to me

Then I sell it for a pound or two
Well come on wouldn't you
Designer labels there are as well
But you don't need me to tell

I am sure folk have done the rounds
While covering a lot of ground
I like it so much I now volunteer
The real trouble is I fear

Now it's on hand for me to look
That's not a good thing in my book
Keep finding things to take home
Articles include a comb

Getting out of hand a bit
And my purse is getting hit
But it gets me out the house
At home it is quiet as a mouse

Best bargain for me ever
Was my suit of leather
Paid only one pound for the suit
In it I think I look quite cute

Found out is is worth one hundred pound
So all of you out there go look around
You might find a snip just the same
Bargain that's the name of the game

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