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Saturday, 21 June 2014


Being bored is no fun
You can ask anyone
Nothing at all to do no where to go
Oh! how I would love to see a show

Friends well not many, a few
But they have always things to do
Retired after years of work
Somehow you feel such a Berk

I thought it would be great
So much time on ones plate
No no I was wrong
So you have to be strong

Not easy when bored to death
Sighing with every breath
No real plans for your time
In this retirement of mine

I really wish I had thought more
Now I feel like I am on the floor
I want to feel real high
Try and reach that old sky

No great days out no more fun
Nothing to do with anyone
Thank god for the internet
So if bored try and get

Online as quick as you can
You will become a fan
New lease of life and an outlet
On this with you I will take a bet

Me I have found so much to do
Now I am not quite so blue
Plenty of sites to join
Done in a flick of a coin

You can speak to folk all over the place
Also you can look at there face
Look at what I am doing now
I am managing somehow

Typing all my little odes
They have their own codes
Opens up my mind to lots of things
Great pleasure to me it brings

New hobby I have found
Keeps my feet on the ground
But fingers are kept busy
Always getting in a tissy

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