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Friday, 6 June 2014

Life Poem


Where did life go I wonder
I think as I look out yonder
Back in time my mind goes
Where it went nobody knows

I was going to do so much
But I seemed to be out of touch
A singer I thought I could be
Now that was silly of me

Then I did think I would dance
Oh! dear I must have been in a trance
Thought I would travel a lot
Cornwall is as far as I got

When young the world is there
For you to enjoy without a care
Then as you start to grow up
You realise not so full is your cup

In fact its rather empty such a shame
But there is no one else to blame
We all make our very own fate
This is for sure my old mate

Then once we had kids of our own
Even though they have all grown
They filled us with great joy and pleasure
Nothing out there to compare with or measure

All now away from home
So here we are left, all alone
Looking back on life as one does
I suppose its the same for all of us

we really have not done so bad
And no way should we ever be sad
When young so much ahead
Now we stay home more instead

No more way out dreams
They have gone it seems
Having said that I so know me
Something will come along you see

I just love to have a laugh and joke
And at anything I will have a poke
I do have my lovely friends
They will be there till the end

So life has not been that bad
So no way I should ever be sad
Just be thankful for our lot
For that is all we have got

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