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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Sight seeing poem



Took some friends to London Town
To let them have a good look round
They thought the place was exciting
Said they had never seem so much bling

They came from a little village you see
So they just never stopped thanking me
Tower bridge amazed by the size
Then I told them it could rise

Madam Tussauds blew them away
They still talk about it today
I took them on to Camden Lock
Thousands there seemed to flock

Well they were mesmerised
At what they saw there inside
We were there for most of the day
I just could not get them away

They brought bundles of gear
Enough to last for many a year
Next stop Covent garden I thought
Even there plenty of stuff they brought

What they fell in love with there
Was all the statues especially one pair
Painted all over coloured white
Both standing next to a bike

Not a muscle did they move at all
Stood for so long how did they not fall
Not to one side or the other just still
My god they have some power and will

They took photos while they were there
We won't ever forget this pair
They said what a fantastic place
With a big smile on there face

They so much enjoyed the stay you know
They really did not want to go
But back to their village they went
Not a worry on the money spent

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