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Friday, 25 April 2014

My smile ode

Oh how I love to have fun
Think its the same for everyone
To laugh is a great thing to do
So do more of it if I were you

Even if you are feeling really down
And on your forehead you have a frown
Just try to smile a little bit
Even if alone you sit

Now how can I smile you say
When you have been alone all day
Yes I know it must be hard to do
But I would please try it if I was you

Look in the mirror while you smile
And just maybe in a little while
You will make yourself look better
So try it and be a go getter

Get that smile upon your face
Even if to start there is no trace
After a while you will like what you see
Then maybe you will do the same as me

With a smile upon your face
No matter what the case
Its quite like a medicine you know
That smile on your face that you show

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