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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Playground poem

I went to a playground the other day
I walk past this park but never seem stay
This time I thought I SHALL go and play
I really don't care what anyone has to say

So in I went on my own with my thoughts
Good job with me my packed lunch I brought
Now what to go on first that's the thing you see
After much thought I decided it's the swing for me

Oh how I enjoyed the feeling inside my being
I noticed a few people staring at what they were seeing
But was I bothered not me that's for sure
I could sit on this swing for ever more

After about an hour I was looking about
Yes on the roundabout next without a doubt
So reluctantly off the swing I get with vigour
Sat on the roundabout this is boring I figure

Round and round but it was not boring at all
I did manage to get dizzy and feared I would fall
But I just sat there and watched the world whiz by
Went to get off and could not walk no matter how I tried

Pulled myself together and thought now the slide
Couldn't wait to get on and go in a downward glide
Up the steps to the top and then I looked down
Oh dear are my thoughts I must look such a clown

But once again was I bothered? of course not
Just sat on the slide and in position I got
Pushed myself off to go down the slide
But when I got to the bottom fell on my backside

Well laugh I nearly split my insides in two
I had even managed while falling to loose a shoe
Picking myself up I went and sat down on a bench
Thinking I am one silly 70 year old wench

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