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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Past times

Looking at some ancient photographs
Some really do make me want to laugh
Sepia some of these are called
All pale brownish and look old

The way they dressed in those days
Look so very smart in many ways
Now old fashioned of course to see
Wonder how would they like me

My snaps go so far back in time
I laugh when I look at this family of mine
Men with caps and baggy trousers
Ladies in long skirts and puffy blouses

The kids well they look like strays
Short trousers so funny in their way
Glad I am of the modern age
I like to wear what's all the rage

Still what they wore then was fashion
I feel for them a deep passion
They all look so terribly poor
Like poverty is at their door

In those days not much money
It must have been, well not funny
My lot had nothing so to speak
Most were dressed like freaks

Hand me downs from anywhere
They wore them without a care
Just happy to have clothes at all
On hard times they all did fall

In future times to come ahead
My family will be looking at me instead
Then they will also laugh
At all my funny photographs

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