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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Whispering heart

Whispering love blowing through the breeze,
whispers gently of all I truly need,
I hear the echo blowing through the trees,
it tells me of the gift of you, that’s been given to me.

Whispering words from your heart to mine,
you hold me so gently during times that I cry,
never letting go, holding me through time,
letting my heart mend and kissing my eyes dry.

Your whispering heart whispers to me,
it whispers of what’s to come and what’s to be,
it holds my heart and gives me what I need,
your beautiful love is what fulfils me.

Whispering wind blowing through the trees,
whispers of the love that’s between you and me,
you've given me your heart with all the keys,
and all the love that I’ll ever need.

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