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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tooth brush ode

Quite an invention this brush
To be used daily by all of us
Just a stick with some bristle
All your gums it does tickle

Up and down and across
That's the whole purpose
I even brush my tongue
That's not for everyone

Many colours has this little stick
So you can just take your pick
Having more than just one is an idea
I know that might sound a bit queer

Now I have three I change around
Last that much longer I have found
Textured bristles on every one
Hard, medium and soft they come

If you smoke there is one out there for you
Keeps the marks away that's what they do
One for dentures you know
I did try to have a go

What would we use if no brush there
I dread to think I despair
They used their fingers years ago
How they managed I'm sure I don't know

How far advanced we now have come
You can even buy an electric one
To the inventor I say well done
To invent this brush for every one

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