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Thursday, 6 March 2014

My mobile

Now I have just been brought a phone
Well its mobile so I am never alone
Mine is tired, old and worn out
To make anyone hear me I have to shout

But I do love it so very much
It responds easily to my touch
Its so old fashioned but easy to use
So simple that me I never get confused

No camera or any modern bling
But still does the main thing
This new one well it looks real cool
But I think I must be the biggest fool

It has so many functions built in
Its a waste on me a real sin
I can even get on line you know
Don't think there I will ever go

Download music so it says in the book
But no matter how much I look
I cannot work out this modern mobile
To me it seems quite hostile

It says touch and move the screen
Well I did and no more can it be seen
God knows where its all gone now
I must be able to get it back somehow

The kids today have no trouble
They work it out on the double
My son is helping me along the way
He actually spent the whole day

Trying to get me through my ordeal
He said “Mum you are unreal”
Its easy so just chill out a little bit
If you don't you end up having a fit

So I am sitting here with mobile in hand
Touching the screen to see where I land
Its no good I cant even see how to dial out
To much information I just want to shout

So this mobile I have given away
I just got rid of it today
Just given it to a young relation
It was his birthday a special occasion

He is so delighted with his little gift
No problem for him to photos shift
So here I am back to the start
Keep my old one never to depart

There, there my son said to me
It just was not meant to be

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