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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Light ode

Bulbs wow! What an invention they are
Without them we would not get very far
Something we take for granted each day
But they help us to find our way

Around the black of the night
They make us feel safe all right
Switching them on and off at will
never mind about the bill

We even have them in our car
Again without them we would not get far
Can you imagine driving with no light
Well of course you can't that's right

Torches well I have many around
I shine them on the ground
So I use them  to see my way
Even though I have been there during the day

When it's dark you never know for sure
That's why I shine them on the floor
So we should think of there value from time to time
To forget the torch would be such a crime

Light or dim as you require
Cosy and warm to your desire
When next time you switch one on somewhere
Look at them and be grateful they are there

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