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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Dancing ode

Dancing is so much fun
Not enjoyed by everyone
You can just let yourself go
With the music you just flow

I have friends with two left feet
It's very hard for them to keep
Dancing along with us all
Flowing around the hall

Strutting our stuff best we can
Making a mouse out of many a man
Street dance that's a real art
One in which I wont be taking part

Ballet how graceful is that for dance
No way I could try that not a chance
Salsa well I love that one
It really looks so much fun

Ballroom covers most dance
So it gives us all a chance
I still love to try the old jive
But no way can I still take a dive

Find it hard to be turned around
Normally end up on the ground
That's because I'm to old
But I will not be told

Once the music makes a start
The beat pulls on my heart
Now I just settle for tapping my feet
That way my breath I manage to keep

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