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Saturday, 15 February 2014

My phone ode

Here I am sitting on the shelf all alone
Me well I am just a phone
I am only small and made of plastic
But I think I look fantastic

We come in colours I am blue
Especially hand picked by you
You use me all the time
But with me that is just fine

I don't want to be left alone
I want to function as a phone
I have feelings that's for sure
So never leave me on the floor

All alone and never used
That only gives me the blues
I love it when you pick me up with care
And mingle me with your hair

Place your hand upon my case
Press my buttons at a gentle pace
Then you start to talk out loud
I am so very proud

To be able to connect you to wherever
Really I am quite clever
A phone is such a needed thing
Especially when they ring

Someone on the other end of the line
Who wants to talk to you all the time
When your sick and at home
What's right beside your bed? Your phone

What would you do if I was not there
Would you even really care
Yes you would you have to admit that fact
Without us there would be no contact

I am really the lucky one
with you I have so much fun
Cleaned and polished every day
You do so care for me in your way

When finished with me at night
You place me where I look just right
Sitting on your shelf but not alone
I know I am your special phone

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