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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Drive ode

Oh! how we take for granted
And we are all so enchanted
With our cars parked outside
This is the way we choose to ride

Public transport well forget that
Prefer to get involved in combat
Pushing and shoving on the train
Trying to get a seat in vain

Buses take so long to get anywhere
Boring as out of the window you stare
It stops every few yards to pick up folk
This I find annoying and beyond a joke

Where as I just jump in to my car
Get to anywhere no matter how far
Ride in comfort that's what I say
I don't like to travel any other way

Last week my car had a problem
That caused me total mayhem
It was in the garage for a day or two
I was totally at a loss I am telling you

Made me realize how dependent I am
Rather like a baby in it's pram
But I really don't care you see
No other way will I travel not me

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