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Sunday, 22 December 2013


Thick thin large and small
Think we have seem them all
They sure have come a long way
They are defiantly here to stay

On the adverts that you see
They are mostly on the TV
Puppies with the paper play
Funny I saw it just today

I remember when it was very rough
Not like today soft and tough
Little squares of paper in a packet
With the word Jeyes on the jacket

Before then newspaper is all they had
Now that must have been really bad
Print on your fingers and thumbs
How horrible Oh! Crumbs

I am glad I live in this modern time
So I get to use this soft tissue of mine
Not a cheap item to buy any more
But we cant do without it that's for sure

pretty colours and nice to the touch
You don't even have to use to much
I buy the one that is really thick
That one does the trick

Lasts a long time the better one
The cheaper ones are a bit glum
They are to thin so you use more
It can also make your bottom sore

So stick to a quality one
Much softer on the b......m
I can't write that word down
In case upon me you all frown

So I will end this little ode of mine
Just I think in the nick of time

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